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Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver

Rising costs in Electricity necessitate saving energy in the home for everyone – Reducing your own carbon footprint for a more efficient home energy use is an added social benefit. Whilst changing to energy-efficient light bulbs, turning off appliances when on standby power and buying energy efficient appliances for your home all help to save power, have you ever considered how much power your pool pump consumes and how much this costs you to run?

You can significantly reduce the power usage of your pool pump and save up to $1,000* every year by simply installing an Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver! That is the equivalent power use of running a 1 kW heater for over 6 months continuously, or running 4x 50Watt down-lights continuously for 2 years and 7 months.

The Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver regulates the energy consumption of the pump motor and it simply connects (plugs in) between your existing chlorinator or timer and pool pump.

Very simple installation means Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver can start saving you money on your power bill immediately as there are no applications to make for special connection requirements, no upgrades to your switchboard and no waiting for special metering to be installed by your energy retailer. The relatively low cost of your Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver further ensures a shorter payback so that money saved quickly ends up in your pocket.


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*Savings amount stated accounts for different Summer and Winter run cycles and is dependent on the power rating of the pool pump, the selected power mode on the Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver and the pump run times.