Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Energy saving, green points, carbon footprint – these are all words that have become prevalent over the past few years. Everyone is doing their bit to save energy, thus not only reducing power bills but doing their bit for the environment. Some pool owners started switching off pool pumps during peak hours. Others got rid of their pools altogether in a bid to save energy. However, we have a solution for you so you will never have to take such drastic measures. We can provide you with an energy efficient pool pump that will allow you to enjoy your pool on those sweltering summer days while still saving on your energy bill.

For many even the thought of a high energy bill is enough to take all the joy out of having a swimming pool. But with an energy efficient pool pump you can drastically reduce the cost of running your pump and chlorination. And with us you have one of two choices. As a top provider of energy efficient pool pump technology in Australia, Electronic Power Solutions Pty Ltd can provide you with the energy efficient pool pump you need. Your other option is to keep your current pool pump and transform it into an energy efficient pool pump by installing an energy controller. This means a huge saving to you, since you don’t have to replace your old pool pump. This will mean big savings on your pool running costs every year.

Installing an Epic Pump Series controller is easy, as your existing pool pump merely gets plugged in to the controller. You don’t need an electrician or technician to do this. You can do it yourself because connecting your controller is easier than raking leaves from your pool.

Our research have shown that, by using an energy efficient pool pump, you will have an average saving of between $600 and $1,100 per year on your pool running cost. Now that is energy saving worth talking about! To also benefit from these incredible savings, contact us and soon you will be the proud owner of your own energy efficient pool pump.