Product Information on Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver

As we are forced to reduce our energy consumption and counter the rising cost of energy, more and more power savings devices are entering the Australian market – some of these are sound but others have no effect on the metered power consumption in domestic installations whatsoever.

Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver offers genuine power savings on your existing pool pump installation.

Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver has been designed to efficiently run single phase pool pump motors based on proven pump inverter control principles that have been used in industrial installations for many decades where a small reduction in pump speed provides a very significant reduction in energy.

Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver regulates the pool pump motor running speed to four pre-set Power Save levels selectable with a single push-button including a Power Save OFF setting. Even a slight reduction in the running speed of the pump significantly reduces the work done by the pump. This means that a lot less energy is required to run the pump.

Installation of Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saver is quick and takes a few simple steps after fixing the unit to a wall – Installation does not require an electrician or a plumber – Click to view Installation video.

Built and supplied by Electronic Power Solutions Pty Ltd, this Australian product has been subjected to extensive field testing, measurements and monitoring to ensure reliable operation of domestic single phase pump motors.

The Epic Pump Series Pool Pump Energy Saveris fully certified to meet all compliance requirements for the Australian and New Zealand markets

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